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Baby Car Seats

Baby car seats are compulsory for airport limo to carrying a child during airport ride or other transportation. Toronto airport limo child seat is recommended for safety reason according to the Canadian law in every state for the children of underage to ride in a car seat while travelling in a limousine. By fitting the car seat according to the recommendation and making it sure that the child is properly placed in the seat, the children car seats are projected to decrease 67 percent injuries to children. Baby car seats avoid children from being throwing around in the limo’s instrument panels or other fixed objects. Markham Limo and Taxi and S&K Limousine Service is providing all kind of baby car seats on the demand so your child will travel with safety and comfort. Please provide us the age information or ask for a baby car seat if you planning to ride with children so we carry baby car seat with us.


Baby Car Seat Infant For 9 kg (20 lbs) baby


Baby Car Seat Toddler For 9 to 18 kg baby


Baby Car Seat Booster For 18 to 36 kg baby

Markham Limo and Taxi and S&K Limousine Service provides rear facing infant car seats, Toddler car seat and Booster car seat. Infant car seats are used in recline position for Toronto limo. With recline angle of 45 degrees it is used for a new born baby to 9 kg (20 lbs) baby. Toddler car seat is front facing and used for infants 9 to 18 kg. The Toddler seat must be placed far from active air bags. Booster car seat is necessary is front facing and used for a child of 18 to 36 kg (40 - 80 lbs). Before starting travel in Markham Limo and Taxi and S&K Limousine Service service make sure that the child is secured in a harness. All of above type of child car seat are recommended by the Transportation Ministry, so if a child is with you when you are traveling, please inform us about the right details about the child so we make the seats available.

For child seat limo reservation, please fill out the Quick Online Form or contact our dispatch department or visit our no hidden charge flat Out Of Town Rates. We strive to ensure that our client needs are met.