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Toronto Pearson Airport Limo Information

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Procedure to follow at Pearson Int'l Airport

If possible, please give us a call at 416-414-9996 | 416-828-3273 | 416-823-9330 upon your arrival to notify us of your arrival.

  • Clear Customs and Pick-up Luggage
  • Proceed to the Pre-Arranged Post "Terminal 1 = Post D and Terminal 3 = Post 29"
  • Give your name to the commissioner at the Pre-Arranged Post and ask him to call Toronto Airport Limousine from the compound. Your limousine will pick you up in two minutes.
  • Please confirm your name with the driver so you are serviced by the designated limousine because there will be other parties as well. In the event of a problem at any stage of the trip, we encourage you to give us a call directly.
  • Please make sure prior arrangements have been made!

Many thanks and we appreciate your cooperation.